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Vicky Kaushal responds to Katrina Kaif’s towel-action sequence in Tiger 3

The Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif film “Tiger 3” has performed incredibly well at the box office. Vicky Kaushal has disclosed some intriguing details on the Katrina Kaif movie, as the movie is still doing well at the box office. One of “Tiger 3’s” highlights is Katrina Kaif’s towel action sequence, which has drawn much interest. Vicky Kaushal, an actor and Katrina Kaif’s husband, recently responded to the scene. Vicky even complimented his wife, who accompanied him to the movie theatre.

Vicky Kaushal stated in a conversation with Indian Express, “So, I had gone for the film screening, and we were watching the film. Obviously, when the sequence came, in the middle of it, I inclined towards her and said, ‘I don’t want to argue with you from now on. I don’t want you to beat me up wearing a towel.’ I thought it was incredible the way she pulled it off. I told her, ‘You are probably the most amazing action actress Bollywood has.’ So, I am really proud of the hard work she puts in. It is very inspiring to see her.”

In ‘Tiger 3’, Salman Khan plays Avinash Rathore with Katrina Kaif, who plays ISI agent Zoya again. The film, which Maneesh Sharma directed, also features important roles for Riddhi Dogra, Revathi, and Emraan Hashmi.

Source: The Indian Express

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