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Exclusive Interview: Timssy Vats, a Travel and Lifestyle Blogger

Born and brought up in Noida, Timssy Vats is a lifestyle and travel blogger. A core enthusiastic solo traveller, Timssy is full of life and always looks forward to trying something new.

  1. Hello, Timssy Vats; glad to have you for the interview. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Timssy Vats. I have been travelling solo since 2009. My first trip was a solo journey to Ladakh in 2009; since then, I have never stopped travelling.

Born and brought up in Noida and always stayed in mountains over years. I have been working as a freelancer giving tuition, and dance classes, as a bartender, model, dancer and finally, as an influencer which helps me live my passion. I’m a semi-qualified chartered accountant who worked at Deloitte for 3 months and switched to travelling altogether.

2.   What made you decide to be a traveller and lifestyle influencer?

The urge to never stop, to keep moving and exploring. Being an influencer allowed me to merge my passion and career, travel and earn simultaneously.

3. Can you tell us about your best trip till now and how you were inspired by it?

Many. And every journey teaches me a lot, and I learn a lot on every trip.

If I have to pick one, it is my solo trip to Ladakh. When I had my 12th board exam, I decided to travel alone to Manali and then to Ladakh, and since then, I have never looked back.

4. Do you always travel solo? What are the pros and cons of it? How can you guide the audience to go for it?

I’ve travelled solo for almost 10 years, and I started travelling solo when this term was not even famous in our country.

There are many pros to travelling solo:

– you get to meet many people

-you’re not bounded to your group of friends

– you’re able to explore the place even in a better place

– dorms have been the cheapest and the most friendly option for people travelling solo

– it is safe with basic precautions for any gender in most parts of the country

– it’s your choice, you are never alone, but when you want your own space, you can have it without any question


– might be a bit expensive at times

– you might miss your loved ones

I have always loved travelling solo.

5. Can you tell us until now how many states and countries you have been to?  What has been your dream destination..?

India is a vast country with diverse geography and culture. I’ve travelled to almost every state in India, and still, every time, I miss out on something. Exploring India might take my whole life, and I’m in love with our country, its different terrain, comprehensive art & culture. There’s a lot on my bucket list to travel outside India.

6. What made you choose to have a career in travel? How has it changed your life?

I want to be close to Nature as much as possible. Nature is a luxury and a basic necessity for my heart, mind, body and soul.

My love for exploring more to know more has led me to choose travelling as my career.

It didn’t happen in a day, it’s been years of travelling, and that’s where my heart feels good: to keep travelling and moving.

7. What has your biggest hurdle and achievement been as a travel influencer to date?

Even to date, my love for travelling and influencing has been different. Travelling involves continuous days on roads, extreme temperatures and a lot more. I still find it challenging to record everything, enact anything, or maybe make nature fancy.

I know nature is raw, and I like to keep my work as it is possible. I have always kept my work very basic, honest and raw to let people know that in -15 degrees, there’s nothing fancy but an urge to live that life closely, and each of us must at least try once in a lifetime.

8. How do you maintain the algorithm and continue this career?  Can you give us some tricks? 🙂

That’s a tricky one. The algorithm changes anytime, and that’s not in our hands. But posting consistently is in our hands; the more you post, keeping it real, the more it helps.

 I  not only work as an influencer but also as a Fashion consultant, so even when the workflow is not constant, I also have other sources to earn.

9. Would you have chosen any other career path if not a traveller?

As a social worker, I will probably try to connect with different NGOs and work with them. Or maybe I was running a cafe or a homestay.

10. Lastly,  How would you guide someone who wants to travel the world and be a social media travel influencer, just like you?

Always! Always there to share my knowledge with anyone who wants to be a traveller and professional.

I’m all there for everyone.

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