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Exclusive interview: Abhay Sharma, a Food Blogger

Bio: Abhay Sharma, the founder of Bombayfoodietales, is a well-known food blogger. His followers are the strong founders of this page, and his passion for food got him to dive into food blogging, which is now his bread and butter. He says, “Converting power into something serious is what BFT have taught me.”

Hello, glad to have you for the interview. Can you tell us a bit about you?
I’m happy to be here for the interview. My Name is Abhay Sharma. I’m the founder of bombayfoodietales

When and why did you start blogging :
11th June 2019 was the day we created this page with heart and soul. Since I was very interested in food and my love for it was unconditional, I decided to start blogging.

Who inspired you to become a foodie? :
Me, myself and I. Well, I love food, exploring the variety this industry offers you, and tastebuds getting better and better with the top-notch game of flavours and cuisines in the market.

Which country’s cuisine do you love to eat the most and why?
I haven’t been to any country but have explored different cities in India, and let me tell you. Each state has its various diversions of food along with its unique taste. I recently visited surat, which made me fall in love with Their food and people too.

When you started, did you ever think you would be so successful at blogging?
Success is something you always want more, and it’s never satisfactory. So I never tell myself that I am a Successful food blogger; instead, “Every day, I am learning something new in this industry and trying to up my game and give the best to my audience.”

How long does it take to get the perfect Instagram shot? :
It can be quick in minutes, or it can take forever to have that good ideal shot!

Have there been any mistakes along the way that you have learnt from? :
YES Well, the biggest mistake I used to make as a beginner was running behind followers and keeping an extremely close eye on the follower’s list and never paying pure attention to my work. Now you do good work, and things will fall in place!

What do you do when you are not cooking or blogging?
Blogging is my full-time career, and I enjoy every bit of it.

What advice would you like to give people who want to start blogging? :
Do it with pure intentions and never go behind the fame. Always have a backup plan. It’s good to have plan b ready.

What is the story behind your blog’s name Bombay Foodie Tales?
Bombay is not the word, but it’s an emotion. It is a city I grew up in, and I learnt so much from this city. Each corner of Bombay has its Tale and story to share, and we are foodies; hence, why not present this Tale in front of people? Therefore, it’s bombayfoodietales (with love)

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