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Exclusive Interview: Diptesh Jadhav, a comic content creator

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Bio: Diptesh Sunil Jadhav is a 22-year-old content creator who creates funny content. He did theatres for 7 years in Bhavans college. He is known for making comic yet actual content and is mainly loved for the same.

Hello Diptesh, firstly, we are glad to interview you. How did you start your journey?

Hi everyone. I’m super excited to be interviewed. My journey of vlogging and creating content was entirely unexpected and came to me at a time when I expected the least. I had been doing theatres in Bhavans college for 7 years, and it was the last year of my degree. That’s when covid hit in. I decided to take up a job since everything was operating from home. The initial few days were fine, but I didn’t feel the thrill. Hence, I quit the job and started making funny videos on Instagram and sharing them. Initially, I hardly got responses, but I was happy creating content. But soon, people noticed me and started loving the content I made.

How did you come up with this idea of creating funny content?

I feel people are a lot tenser these days, and to run away or distract themselves a bit, they use social media to refresh their minds. Hence, I thought it would be great if I could make at least one person laugh by creating funny content and making their day better.

So how do you think comedy has evolved in India in the last decade?

I believe we have 2 categories of audience. One is who understands the humour and takes it very lightly, laugh and leave. Second, they are the one who gets offended quite easily. People often get offended, but the younger generation is very understanding and encouraging. So I believe it is a profound and good change that I’ve noticed in people.

What do you think about comedy as a medium to send a message?

Comedy is the best medium to give someone a message; the person will hear you, understand, and analyse the situation quite well.

How do you make sure your followers stick to you throughout?

Initially, I focused on the number of people but now, through this entire process, I’ve learnt one thing that I want people to stick through me. Hence, I create focus on such content that my audience loves. 

Is this your full-time career? If not, what are you engaged in?

Yes, creating content is my full-time job. Though I do photography as well as I enjoy it.

What can you tell us about your target audience?

My audience has always been there with me and supported me through my entire journey. They have always loved original content, and I never disappoint them. My content is all about young people, so I connect with people from the age group 18-30.

What do you think about upcoming artists in your industry? mera ye hi message hai ki jab maine start kiya tha tab muze pata nahi tha ki ye kaha tak jane vala hai bass mai chalta chala gaya and ab jaha hu I know ke jyada upar nahi hu but muze pata hai ki muze chalte jana hai vaise hi sab log agar mehnat karenge tohh ek na ek din successful ho jayenge

Video link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgrajbDIu5P/?igshid=NDRkN2NkYzU=

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