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Exclusive Interview: Amar Babar, a comic content creator

Bio: Amar Babar Jadhav is a content creator who creates funny content. He is known for making comic yet actual content and is mainly loved for the same.

Hello Amar, glad to have you for the interview. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

 Hey, thank you so much for having me. I am a part-time content creator on Instagram and work with one Pvt company.

Describe why you started blogging.

I have always had a different love for creating content. It always made me happy, so I thought, why not start it as a passion too? So I started making content in Feb 2021.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging makes me content and happy about life. It gives me immense pleasure and peace when I work on creating content and the outcome. The happiness I get by the end of the day is my favourite part about blogging.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Honestly, I haven’t thought much about the future, and I wish and try to create content that will make my audience happy and stick through me. That’s all I want.

How did you discover your passion for comedy?

Since childhood, I have always liked comedy videos and wanted to make one; hence, I started making more comedy videos.

Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

It was and always be beyounick. He makes so many relatable and humorous videos. He is so unfiltered part of him that I love so much.

Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

It is like my hobby that has turned into a profession as well.

Would you like to give any tips to upcoming comic bloggers?

 If you are passionate enough to make content, go for it and never think what others think. You will get a positive response as well as a negative too. So, stay focused!

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