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Trailer for Shiv Shastri Balboa Out: Anupam Kher will do whatever it takes to get Neena Gupta to India

On Tuesday, actor Anupam Kher posted the trailer for his forthcoming movie Shiv Shastri Balboa to his YouTube channel. In the two-minute video, Anupam is portrayed as someone who trains fighters who went on to achieve gold medals rather than as a boxer.

The video portrays Shiv Shankar Shastri, generally known as Shiv Shastri “Balboa,” travelling to the US to see his son Jugal Hansraj and his family. However, he becomes discouraged when he comes to know that Jugal’s children are unaware of the movie Rocky, something he feels is a “philosophy.”

Then Anupam meets Neena Gupta’s character, who hasn’t gone home in eight years. She wants to fly to India, and Shiv offers to help her, and the two go on a journey, during which Neena misplaces her belongings and passport. After meeting Sharib Hashmi, a convenience store owner, the two start working at a petrol station. As they go to pubs and bowling, Anupam and Neena also experience some good times.

Things change, however, when Neena is detained away because she is “wanted.” She urges Anupam to support her. Anupam, a big admirer of Rocky, is seen with some bikers. He also travels along with Neena and the bikers. As the trailer ends, Anupam visits the Rocky Statue in Philadelphia, US. The unplanned road trip teaches the Indian retiree that it’s not too late to reinvent yourself.

Ajay Venugopalan helms the film, and Kishore Varieth is its producer. On February 10, the forthcoming movie will be released in theatres. Anupam, Jugal Hansraj, Neena Gupta, Nargis Fakhri and Sharib Hashmi appear in the film.

Source: Youtube

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