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Shah Rukh Khan remembers he couldn’t afford an interior designer to furnish Mannat

Star Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri have been one of Bollywood’s most admired and respected couples for over three decades. Everywhere they travel, people are always in amazement and respect for the couple since they have a reputation for feeding off each other’s energies and complimenting one another.

Khan accompanied his better half on Monday night at the Mumbai hotel that hosted the ‘My Life of Design’ book launch event. The couple posed for a few photos in front of the media while SRK held the book and constantly instructed his wife to look at the million cameras waiting to take their shots.

The actor was asked at an interactive Q&A session how Gauri built his opulent mansion Mannat from scratch, and here is what the actor said in response. “Being from Delhi, one was used to living in bungalows. One did not realize that Mumbai has a whole system where apartments are even more expensive and bigger, but we are not used to it.”

Khan and Gauri were just married when they moved to Mumbai to start their film career, and their early days in the city were challenging. He continued, Not because I was very well off, it’s just that everybody in Delhi seems to have a bungalow, and we’d come from there. And we used to live next to the house. Next to Taj, right here we lived, which was my director’s house. He had lent it to us and said, ‘You stay here as long as you’re making films, and we had not too much money. We didn’t have money to furnish it. And, of course, we called one designer. The lunch he served us telling us how we designed this house was way more than the salary I used to earn in a month.”

The actor also explained how he encouraged his wife to take charge because he didn’t know how to trust somebody with designing his home. He stated, “So how do we do this house now? We bought it. What do we do with this? And then the only person to turn as I said, listen, Gauri, you have little artistic talent. Why don’t you become the designer of the house? So, Mannat started like that. So, whatever little money we earned over the years, we bought small things. I think we had gone down once, even to South Africa. And we had little money, and we bought the leather for the sofa and that we’ll put it on. So it took us a while. And I think that training ground is what made her start designing.”

Source: News Desk

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