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Satish Kaushik’s death: Police arrive at Vikas Malu’s farm for Interrogation

Investigations into the death of actor and director Satish Kaushik have begun by the Delhi Police. After attending a Holi party at Delhi businessman Vikas Malu’s farmhouse, he passed away in the early hours of March 9. After Vikas’ wife accused him of being involved in Satish’s death, police went to the businessman’s farm to investigate it further.

Delhi Police showed up at the farmhouse in photos posted by the news agency ANI. They tweeted, “Satish Kaushik’s death case: Delhi Police reached Vikas Malu’s farmhouse.” According to sources, staff who attended the Holi celebration are also being interrogated. Also, the entry register kept by the security guard is being examined.

Director of Kuber Group Vikas Malu told ANI, “If she (Saanvi Malu) wants to do some hype in front of the media, I can do nothing about it. Police & govt are there & if I’m wrong, then I’m ready to face anything. Her allegations are wrong, or else she should show proof.”

He continued, alluding to claims made by his wife, “I had only family relations with Satish Kaushik, and I was not involved with him in any business. And those who’re making these claims must prove it.”

In discussing the case, the news agency cited police as saying, “In actor Satish Kaushik’s death case, inquiry initiated into allegations of foul play by a woman (wife of one Vikas Malu). An inspector-level officer from the South West district has been asked to probe the entire matter. Woman to be called by police to record her statement.”

On March 8, Vikas joined Satish Kaushik and his pals in celebrating Holi. According to sources, he went to bed shortly after the party at around 9:30 pm, and then by midnight, his health began to deteriorate. He complained about his breathing difficulties over the phone to his manager, who drove him to Gurugram’s Fortis Hospital. Despite receiving Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in the hospital, he passed away at 1:43 in the morning.

Vikas Malu’s second wife made massive allegations against him a few days after his death. She informed ANI that he was responsible for Satish Kaushik’s death. She stated, “I have a complaint registered concerning Satish Ji’s death. He had come to my husband’s farmhouse for a party, where his health deteriorated. Some objectionable medicines have also been found in the farmhouse. Satish Ji and my husband had business connections as well. In August 2022, an argument broke out between Satish Ji and my husband, where Satish ji demanded ₹15 crores that he had earlier given to him. But my husband said that he would give the money to India. When I later asked him about the money, my husband said that he borrowed the money from Satish ji, but the money went for loss during the Covid period. My husband was not in the mood to return the money. He even said he would use blue pills and Russian girls to do away with Satish Kaushik. That’s why I have brought this angle to the police for a fair investigation.”

Shashi Kaushik, the wife of Satish Kaushik, recently rejected allegations that Vikas and the later actor had engaged in financial dealings. She advised Vikas’ wife to quit the case when speaking to ABP News.

Source: ANI

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