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Salman Khan’s fans are not permitted to gather outside his house in Mumbai following a threat email

Mumbai Police have imposed restrictions on Salman Khan’s followers after the star received a threatening email. After the threat, the police officials have already increased Salman’s security. Also, they have filed a police report (FIR) against Goldy Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi.

According to the official, Salman’s security team will be staffed around the clock by two assistant police inspectors (API)-rank officers and 8–10 constables. According to the news agency PTI, Salman’s supporters would not be permitted to gather outside his home office in the Galaxy Apartments in suburban Bandra.

Salman used to travel in a bullet-proof car with his security guards and had Y+ grade security provided by the police. According to the story, the police have added security measures to protect the actor.

In connection with the alleged threat email sent to Salman’s office on Saturday, the Bandra police have filed an FIR against Lawrence, Goldy, and Rohit. An artist management company owner and regular visitor to Salman’s apartment in Bandra, Prashant Gunjalkar, filed a police complaint, which was the foundation for filing the FIR. The FIR was filed due to a police complaint made by Prashant Gunjalkar, an artist manager who, according to the police, frequently visits Salman at his apartment in Bandra.

On Saturday afternoon, Prashant discovered an email had arrived from the ID Rohit Garg when he was in Salman’s office, the officer claimed, citing the FIR. The email said that Salman might have seen Lawrence’s recent interview with a news outlet; if not, he should watch it. It was addressed to Prashant, who stated that if Salman wanted to solve the problem, he should speak face-to-face with Goldy. He added, “there is still time but agli bar, jhatka dekhne ko milega.”

According to the Indian Criminal Code, the FIR was filed under sections 506-II (the penalty for criminal intimidation), 120-B (punishment for criminal conspiracy) and 34 (common intention). A recent interview with Lawrence was broadcast on a news channel. He and Goldy are charged with killing rapper Sidhu Moosewala, and he is currently being held in a Punjabi jail. An anonymous individual had threatened Salman with a handwritten note in June of last year.

Source: News Agency PTI

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