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Michele Morrone releases ‘Double’ title track from his album ‘Dark Room’

Album: Michele Morrone – Double


After already whetting the appetite of his listeners with his last single releases, the long-awaited second album of Italian singer and actor Michele Morrone is now ready to conquer the hearts of his numerous fans.

“Double”, the title of the 15-track follow-up to the debut album “Dark Room”, will be released on September 29, 2023.
Mysterious, as always, but at the same time subtly hinting at what will await the listener, the multi-talented artist gives us a little insight into the inner world of the album:

“Double is an inner journey, in search of good and evil, that is inside me. Double defends fears, but it doesn’t denounce them, it wants to make them a weapon for the benefit of the person.”
The singer seems to draw ideas and inspiration for his musical journey from everywhere. Whether it’s voodoo dolls from Africa as in “Puppet In Your Head”, Korean movies and his own trip to Seoul, which have influenced the track “To Do List” or “All I Want”, a song, he is dedicating to a child he met at visiting an earthquake camp in Turkey – but most of all, from his personal life and the search for his own self.

Double brings out all the guns that the Italian’s creativity has to offer. With overall topics like emotions and feelings, but also courage, fear, longing, love and desire, the album Double is making the singer appear more personal and vulnerable than ever before.

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