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Mumbai, 12th April 2024 – MC Heam, known in the hip-hop scene as Hemant Dhyani, is set to captivate audiences once again, this time with his lyrical prowess in Ajay Devgn’s much-anticipated film ‘Maidaan.’ Produced by Boney Kapoor Productions and featuring music by the maestro A.R. Rahman, ‘Maidaan’ promises to be a cinematic masterpiece celebrating the golden era of Indian Football.

In the film, Ajay Devgn, the lead actor, shared a sneak peek with fans, setting the stage for what’s to come. The video showcases the spirit of Indian football, beginning with kids playing on railway tracks, where Devgn’s character makes a high-octane action kick, symbolizing the talent and dedication portrayed in the film.

MC Heam, not only a prolific rapper but also a singer, producer, and rap instructor, has emerged as a distinctive voice in India’s hip-hop landscape. His collaborations with A.R. Rahman on iconic tracks like the “Marvel Anthem,” Lal Salaam featuring Rajnikanth Sir, AGR movie – Music produced by A R Rahman Sir, hockey World Cup anthem, and “Ey Chhotey Motor Chala” from the Bollywood film ‘Beyond The Clouds’ have solidified his place in the industry.

In a recent interview, A.R. Rahman shared insights into his process of discovering emerging talent through social media. He expressed that he actively seeks out new voices and directly engages with them for potential collaborations, highlighting the organic way in which he discovered MC Heam for Maidaan.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of ‘Maidaan,’ collaborating with the legendary A.R. Rahman and contributing to a film that celebrates the rich history of Indian football. It’s an honor to bring my unique style to the project and showcase the spirit of the game through music.” Says, MC Heam

MC Heam’s multifaceted talent shines through his diverse roles in the music industry, says his contributions to ‘Maidaan’ alongside A.R. Rahman underscore his ability to seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary beats, enriching the film’s narrative.

MC Heam’s journey with music and mentorship extends beyond the silver screen. As a RAP instructor at The Dharavi Dream Project (TDDP)- Asia’s 1st ever and one of its kind After School of Hip-Hop, he has empowered underprivileged youth in Dharavi, South Asia’s largest slum, since 2017. His commitment to nurturing talent and fostering creativity has made him a revered figure both on and off-screen. Twice in a row, MC Heam has been a driving force on MTV HUSTLE, training the talented Rap Participants in the capacity of CHIEF RAP MENTOR behind the scenes.

About MC Heam:
MC Heam, also known as Hemant Dhyani, is a versatile artist hailing from New Delhi, India. With a career spanning across multiple roles – rapper, singer, producer, and rap instructor – he has made significant contributions to India’s hip-hop scene. His collaborations with A.R. Rahman and appearances on platforms like ‘MTV Hustle’ have solidified his position as one of the industry’s most promising talents.
MC Heam’s versatility extends beyond his role as a rapper and singer. He has showcased his lyrical prowess in various projects, including writing four songs for the Tamil movie AGR, contributing two songs for the Bollywood movie Lal Salaam, and collaborating on a track with Palash Sen from the iconic 90s band Euphoria. Additionally, in the Bollywood film Pippa, MC Heam not only wrote but also sang the title track, “Rampage.” Notably, MC Heam made his debut in Bollywood with the song “Aye Chottey Motor Chala” marking a significant milestone in his career. Recently MC Heam did a co-composition with Female rapper Rajakumari for the series Aarya featuring the bold Sushmita Sen
With a diverse portfolio of projects and a relentless commitment to his craft, MC Heam continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of Hip-Hop in Indian & international music.

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