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“I Had Apprehension About Directing Prakash Jha,” Says M Gani

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Since he is a well-known filmmaker, Prakash Jha’s Matto Ki Saikil director M Gani claims he was reluctant to take the role but was pleasantly surprised by the support.

Matto Ki Saikil, M Gani engaged with the media during a press conference to promote his directing debut.

The M Gani-written and -directed drama Matto Ki Saikil portrays the injustice faced by a daily wage worker. Prakash Jha, Anita Chowdhary, Dimpy Mishra, Aarohi Sharma, Idhika Roy, and CP Sharma appear in the movie.

Talking about working with Prakash Jha and directing a veteran filmmaker, M Gani said, “To be honest, I was apprehensive that directing a director would be difficult, but once we met, talked, and narrated the script, we got to work right. After that, I handled my department, and he handled his, and he never interfered with the storytelling. He wanted me to tell the story the way I visioned it.”

Talking about the film, Gani added, “Matto Ki Saikil is a story about a person who probably makes up 50 per cent of our population. These people construct roads, flyovers, buildings and our houses, and this is a story that takes a little sneak-peek into their lives.”

The movie’s main character is a construction labourer named Matto, who commutes daily across a considerable distance to the city to support his wife and two small girls. His most valuable possession is a bicycle that has seen extensive use over 20 years. One day, there is an accident, and the bike is so badly hurt that it can no longer be used. Even while it could seem like a minor issue to someone else, it severely damages his situation. Will he be able to resume his life of experiencing the modest joys of everyday living?

The movie is being presented by PJP Films, which Sudhirbhai Mishra has produced under Shivdeva Films. The film is scheduled for release on September 16, 2022.

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