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Hrithik Roshan Drops The Trailer For Vinod Rawat’s Directorial Debut ‘Pushtaini’

‘Pushtaini ‘, the directorial debut of  Vinod Rawat, is a compelling tale of a struggling actor’s journey to fame. The recently released trailer has garnered significant attention, with fans eagerly discussing its unique storyline on social media. Hrithik Roshan , who plays a pivotal role in the movie, shared his thoughts on the project’s inception and execution in a detailed note accompanying the trailer. 

Rawat, who plays Bhuppi, appears at the beginning of the video. As a struggling actor, he eagerly seeks his final opportunity to become famous. But when he gets involved in an embarrassing scandal, everything changes. When he gets back home, he faces his past. Unaware of what lies ahead for him on his quest, Bhuppi travels the mountains and engages in adventures with strangers. The movie features a cameo from Rajkummar Rao. It was co-written by Rita Heer and written by Rawat.

Hrithik penned, “When @vinraw first spoke to me of “PUSHTAINI” I couldn’t quite imagine or visualise the film. I remember thinking this is a great germ of an idea but it seemed absurd to me that he would give up everything and put all his finances into executing it. We were in the middle of the lockdown, Vinod told me he’d be shooting the project in his native Uttarakhand, that he would also be directing and acting in the film and as he had little to no funds, his family would be playing all the other characters, I was sure this was going to be an experimental home video at best. Worried, I asked him if I could support him in any way, but he seemed clear he wanted to do this himself.”

VinRaw Films by Rawat and Lotus Dust Pictures produced the film, which will open in Indian theatres on June 21. 

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