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Here’s What You Can Learn From VicKat Relationship

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If one has to learn how to keep secrets, then they can take some tips from the recently married couple Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif.

They, till the news of their marriage, got out, kept their relationship a secret. In today’s age, where keeping anything hidden from the eyes of social media is merely impossible, the couple succeeded with their secret.

Though the mystery shall always prevail that in an age where people wear their relationship on their sleeves, read Ranbir-Alia or Ranveer-Deepika, why would a powerful celebrity like Vicky and Katrina keep theirs a secret? Did Salman and Katrina’s past play any role in the entire secret battle?

Neither Vicky nor Katrina ever spoke or made any official comment on their relationship.

Vicky Kaushal had once in his interview said that he likes to keep his personal life private so that people won’t ask him questions about his relationships. Both of them have very deep views on prioritizing partner and relationship amidst any adversities, and they believe if there is love, then there will be value and respect for it. The couple also possesses similar views and thoughts about Love – they strongly believe in love at first sight. They keep encouraging each other. This couple is in talks because of their grand wedding in Jaipur. The wedding is special in many ways, it has brought people from two different faiths together, and the bride is older than the groom by 5-years, breaking the stereotype.

Image Credit: Instagram \ Katrina Kaif.

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