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Guneet Monga Is Back In India With Oscar

Producer Guneet Monga, an Oscar winner, has brought the honourable trophy back home.

Guneet Monga, the executive producer of the Oscar-winning short documentary The Elephant Whisperers, arrived back in Los Angeles to cheers from onlookers and photographers.

The paparazzi were also present in force and practically made a run for her while pointing their cameras and microphones in her direction in search of any new reactions to her Oscar victory. She hardly made a sound and was hardly audible in the crowd, so her security team quickly loaded her and the Oscar trophy into a waiting car.

Monga kept her prized Oscar statuette, now a well-known figurine in Indian entertainment circles, close to her bosom at all times, including when driving. She occasionally raised it and waved it around.

When Monga won her second Oscar for the documentary “The Elephant Whisperers” last week, she was propelled to the top of the worldwide entertainment food chain.

She is a member of a select group of well-known actors who have received Oscars for their work in various filmmaking categories and cheered the hearts of their fellow citizens.

Source: News Desk

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