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Celina Jaitly remembers losing her premature son in 2017 due to a heart condition

The actress Celina Jaitly gave birth to twin boys in 2017. Unfortunately, she lost one child due to a heart problem. Due to the trauma of her father’s unexpected death, she had gone into labour prematurely. In 2012, she wed businessman Peter Haag, and the couple welcomed their first pair of twins. Recently, Celina uploaded a photo of herself and her late son Shamsher and talked openly about her pain after losing him.

Celina Jaitly recently posted a heartbreaking message about the pain she suffered after her son’s death, along with photos of her and her late son. Celina may be seen posing with her husband and holding her son in the picture. In addition, she shared photos of her happy family and the infant in the care unit.

Celina claimed that it took her five years to deal with her loss and that she can now talk about it to help other parents who have also had to deal with the challenges of preterm birth. She penned, “It took me five years to come to terms with this episode of our lives, but I have finally summoned the courage to talk about my ordeal to help many parents who reach out to @haag.peter and I as they deal with the trauma of preterm birth and loss of a baby. Peter and I want such parents to know that they can get through this. In personal experience we both can vouch that your preemie baby is a true survivor. Preemies show us the power of faith and prayer and the fight of the human spirit. Remember that most premature babies survive and live completely normal, healthy lives.”

She added, “PS: Preterm is defined as babies born alive before 37 weeks of pregnancy are completed. The outcome of our 2nd spontaneous twin pregnancy was bittersweet due to baby Shamsher’s loss due to a heart condition. ( I went into labour at 32 weeks due to my father’s sudden passing.) It was tough for Peter and I, but we smiled after many million tears in this photograph (1) to seal a happy memory for our blessing baby @arthurjhaagarrival as he went straight to NICU in an incubator for three months immediately upon his arrival.”

Celina expressed her concerns for her other twin, Arthur, who spent three months in an incubator. She stated, “The NICU was a strange and difficult environment. From our experience, accepting that there will be good and bad days will help you feel less shocked and worried when challenging days happen. While not an option for everyone, Peter and I moved into the same hospital in Dubai for the few months of#nicuas loss of Shamsher left us immensely anxious about Arthur and feelings of frustration, intense sadness, nervousness, disappointment, guilt, anger, love overwhelmed us too.”

According to Celina, Parents with preterm birth are not alone in their experience and will eventually find a way to overcome their suffering. She continued, “So please know that you are not alone in how you feel. Know that extreme and sometimes contradictory emotions are experienced by nearly every parent of a preemie at one time or another. It is very important at such a time to remember you can be more effective as a team than individually, so watch your teamwork as parents. Speaking, singing gently to your premature baby in the NICU is a great way to bond and feel close, even when you can’t hold him. Remember, Impossible odds set the stage for incredible miracles. Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

The actress’s fans have expressed sympathy for her and best wishes for her family’s future. Additionally, they complimented her for sharing her story because it would be helpful to other parents who had experienced similar challenges.

Source: Instagram

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