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Bigg Boss Gets Flak From Jai Mehta For Bringing In Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan, a filmmaker, is competing in Bigg Boss Season 16 for the first time. Four years ago, he gained notoriety during the ‘Me Too’ issue after being accused of molestation by numerous women.

Even though the decision to include Sajid Khan on the reality programme made news, some people do not support the wrong decision to place a serial offender on public television.

Jai Mehta, the son of filmmaker Hansal Mehta, criticized Salman Khan, the Bigg Boss producers, and Sajid Khan on social media without naming anyone.

He tweeted, “A serial perpetrator is being rebranded an ally. Does it get any worse? We live in a society that immortalizes sexual predators. As a film and tv fraternity member, I am shocked that the studio and producers thought this move would be okay. Appalled. #MeToo”

“This is setting a terrible precedent. 9 people came out against him! Are you saying they’re all wrong? I wonder why so many are silent today. Do your friendship eclipse your morals? Is this the world you want to build for our future generations? For your children?”

“To all the people this has triggered, you are not alone. You are not a victim of sharing your story. You are a survivor for setting the world on fire with your truth. Many others need you right now. Stay strong. The Wrong shall fail, The Right prevails,” read the entire thread.

Sajid Khan, known director of films like “Heyy Babyy,” “Housefull,” and “Humshakal,” among others, didn’t develop any new projects for a long time after the “Me Too” issue. Sajid stated that he came on the show to reestablish contact with the audience while conversing with Salman on stage.

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