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Bigg Boss 17: Munawar Faruqui breaks down after Ayesha Khan’s entry; wishes to quit the show

Ayesha Khan’s entry on Bigg Boss 17 has led the show to make a huge twist. According to Ayesha’s claims, Munawar Faruqui twice dated her with his former lover, Nazila Sitashi. Munawar Faruqui will be seen experiencing an emotional breakdown after his confrontation with Ayesha Khan in the coming episodes. The promo showed Munawar breaking down in tears and upset that he was hurting someone who loved him. He replied, “If Bigg Boss opens the door, I will walk out.” The comedian-rapper was consoled by Mannara Chopra, Ankita Lokhande, and Ayesha Khan. 

When Ayesha Khan entered the room, Big Boss called Munawar Faruqui inside the archive room and informed him that someone felt he was non-comital even in real life. Munawar could not find words. 

Munawar denied Ayesha’s question about if he was missing her. Khan questioned why he was wearing her bracelet since he had previously promised to wear it whenever he missed her. Faruqui said he only wore the bracelet because he had no other jewellery. 

When Ayesha questioned whether he saw someone else with his ex-girlfriend, Munawar fumbled and was uncertain what to answer. Ayesha said that although his ex-girlfriend loved him dearly, he did wrong with her. Munawar could say nothing at all. Just before Munawar Faruqui entered the Bigg Boss house, Ayesha Khan claimed to have spent quality time with him. His ex-girlfriend Nazila Sitashi posted a photo of herself hugging an unidentified man after he entered. Khan was left with doubt by this and went to Faruqui’s manager to confront it. But she didn’t get a clear image from his manager, so she decided to speak with Nazila, his girlfriend. Munawar was two-timing, as Ayesha and Nazila realized during their conversation. 

Munawar is the father of Mikael, who is five years old. His wife recently got married, but he was divorced from her. Faruqui stated that he was granted custody and is currently raising his son. Munawar has referenced having a girlfriend ever since his last reality show. A rumour had surfaced regarding their breakup. However, the rumours were quickly refuted when they shared photos of themselves.

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