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Anupamaa: Anu is heartbroken to see Anuj and Maya together and decides to move to America forever

In the most recent Anupamaa track, Anuj and Choti Anu were snatched from Anupamaa, and they have now arrived at Shah’s home and joined Maaya for puja. We also notice Maaya acting like she has a fever, and Anuj takes care of her by giving her medicine. Anupamaa is heartbroken and sobs uncontrollably as she sees all of this. Kavya is dealing with a lot of problems as well. Pakhi and Dimpy will later fight, and Vanraj and Anuj engage in a heated argument on the other side.

It will be pretty intriguing to watch Anupamaa’s forthcoming track since it’s probable that before leaving for America, Anupamaa will divorce Anuj because she will be aware that he has moved on with Maaya and will be taking care of her while ignoring Anupamaa. We’ll see that Maaya threatens Anuj in the future and creates a romantic relationship with him, and she will send the clips to Anupamaa. On the other hand, Kavya would take a break from modelling. It is believed that Kavya is keeping her pregnancy a secret from everyone.

In Anupamaa’s upcoming chapter, we will learn that she has broken off her relationship with Anuj and moved to America. She will commit herself to never going back to Ahmadabad. There may be a 6-year leap in the series. In this leap, we observe that Malti Devi has a connection to Anuj since, as we all know, Anuj is an adopted kid, and because Guru Maa and Anuj Kapadia share some quality matching and also use the same sort of work handkerchief, leading some people to believe that Guru Maa is Anuj’s mother.

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