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Anupama: Anupama throws Maya out of Anuj’s life

by simran jain
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Maya is setting up a scenario in the upcoming Star Plus series Anupama episode. It appears that Anuj will disclose to Anupama how Maya is blackmailing him to stay with him.

Anupama would be upset by this since she could never have imagined that Anuj would have to pay such a high price for something he did not do intentionally.

Anupama will assert her right over Anuj and make it known that she is Anuj’s wife and nobody can replace her. Maya will freak out because she can’t accept Anupama throwing her out of Anuj’s life. As Maya is unwilling to leave Anuj at any cost, this will cause a lot of chaos in her life.

Anuj is in severe pain. Anuj will be seen standing by Anupama when Maya loses her mind with anger.

Source: News Desk

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