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Anupama: Anupama is devastated to know that Adhik physically abused Pakhi

Rupali Ganguly’s television program  Anupamaa is very popular among viewers. The fans watch the show on TV daily without fail; they even feel Anupamaa has become part of their family. Anupama has been troubled by many problems, as seen in recent episodes. But she never loses motivation. As she learns that her daughter Pakhi is being physically abused by her husband, Adhik, new trouble arises.

The most recent Anupamaa episode shows Adhik physically assaulting his wife, Pakhi, for working with Anuj in the office. He says She wants to evict him and his sister Barkha from the home, seeking Anuj’s help. As soon as Romil walks in, he finds Adhik torturing Pakhi. Anuj Anupama enters the house before he can respond. They notice Anuj’s laptop has been broken and is on the ground. Adhik quickly accuses Pakhi of breaking it accidentally and tells Anuj so. He also mentions how much work she did on this laptop, but it was all destroyed. Pakhi accepts the blame and apologizes to Anuj. Anupama overhears Romil murmuring about them and calling them fake. Anupama doubts Pakhi that she is hiding something from her.

Later, Anupama approaches her and asks if she wants to share something with her. Pakhi says to her that she is stressed out about all of the work at the office and is confused about whether she should continue going or not. Even though Anu wasn’t happy with what she said, she tried to convince her that she should be confident in what she decided and that Anuj could offer advice.

Then a quarrel breaks out between Romil and Adhik at the dinner table. Romil claims he doesn’t treat his wife correctly during the argument, frightening Adhik and Pakhi. They are concerned that Adhik won’t be spared if anyone gets to know about the physical violence.

Romil will reveal Pakhi and Adhik’s truth to Anupama in upcoming episodes. After hearing this, she would become upset and ask Pakhi to report him to the police. Pakhi, however, will be upset with her for her suggestion and will tell her to stay out of her personal life.

We’ll have to wait and watch if Anupama will file a complaint against her son-in-law Adhik.

Source: News Desk

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