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Anupama: Anuj is blamed for Samar’s death

Anuj will be the face of tragedy in Anupama’s life in the upcoming Anupama story.

Anuj and the Shah housemen go to the club to celebrate Samar’s impending fatherhood in the current Anupama story. Anuj and Sonu get into a heated argument, and Sonu also happens to be carrying a gun, which is when things take a drastic turn.

According to the most recent information about Anupama, Samar notices someone coming up on Anuj from behind. At the same time, Samar cannot remain still and jumps in to protect Anuj. Unfortunately, Samar is shot after Sonu fires the trigger, so it’s too late.

In the upcoming Anupama story, Anupama will blame Anuj for Samar’s sudden passing.

She struggles with depression and has hallucinations, which Vanraj accuses her of being responsible for Samar’s passing, which will make her depressed.

In upcoming episodes of Anupama, we’ll see how pregnant Dimple handles the aftermath of losing her beloved husband as Anupama deals with losing her son in a sorrowful ending.

Source: News Desk

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