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Will The Folks Have Their Happy Ending? Tune In To The Last Episode Of “What The Folks!” S4 To know more!

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~Catch the last glimpse of the crazy folks in the last episode of “What The Folks!”

Popular series ‘What The Folks!’ has been winning hearts since 2017. Launched by Dice Media, the series has created a legacy as one of the most relatable family dramas, showcasing the rollercoaster lives of two families- the Sharma’s and the Solanki’s. With each season, viewers witnessed how each character embraced their individual journey while building a stronger relationship with their family. As the series gears up for the last episode of the finale season, the journey of ‘What The Folks!’ has been instrumental in the portrayal of the maturity in relationships within a modern family while breaking stereotypes and overcoming generation gaps.

Season 1 depicted the familial struggles of the son-in-law Nikhil, a young married man who moves in with his in-laws for a couple of weeks. The first time experiences with his in-laws and the hilarious dynamics of him finding his place within Anita’s family kept the audience glued for the next season.

Backed by the popularity of the debut season, the second season of ‘What The Folks!’ witnesses a lot more of ‘the Solanki’s’, (Nikhil’s family) and how Anita tries to bond with her in-laws. Whereas, the third season addressed relatable issues such as ageing parents, varying expectations in a marriage, empty nest syndrome, and life after divorce. All the 3 seasons illustrated how the complexities in each of the characters deepened while keeping the audience entertained with their quirks even in the most serious situations.

In the fourth and the final season, the makers decided to shift the focus back to the Sharma family, who are seen preparing for Akshata’s wedding along with Nikhil and Anita. Meanwhile, Anita and Nikhil experience slight jitters as they get ready to start a new journey in their lives by embracing parenthood! How will the big fat wedding of Sid- Askhata pan out? Will Anita and Nikhil finally have a baby and be the perfect parents that they have been dreaming of becoming? All of this and more will be unveiled in the last episode of Season 4! So, don’t miss the fun and drama of the Folks in the finale as your folks bid a final goodbye to all!

Catch the season finale and all the other three seasons of “What The Folks!”on Dice Media’s Youtube channel.

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