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Theatres in Maharastra will open from Oct 22.

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Some good news for all movie lovers and Filmi Fans of Mumbai and Maharastra as the Government has announced that Theatres in Mumbai might open from Oct 22,2021. Only if the cases of covid 19 are under control, then Cinemas will open from oct 22,2021.

As theatres were shutdown from Last year from  March 2020 last year when coronavirus cases entered India.

Now as the Cinemas are about to reopen and the first film that could be released in cinemas is  Akshay Kumar and A jay Devgan Starrer and Rohit Shetty directed film  Soorvayanshi.The film actually was all set to release in March 2020, But due to the first wave of Corona, the film release wasn stopped. Whenever there was annoucement of the film Releasing cases of corona kept increasing resulting in First and Second Wave which came in April 2021 continued till August2021.And now there are talks    of fourth wave also which might come around Diwali . Lets see if the film can release in cinemas.

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