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The uniqueness of Indian cinema 

Indian cinema speaks for itself. Its importance and uniqueness can hardly be overstated. It is the largest film industry in the world and probably second only to Hollywood in global influence. Indian films, helped by a population of a billion in India and 20 million overseas, are probably the most-seen movies in the world. No matter how much we talk about the charm of Indian cinema, it will always be less. It has touched the lives of so many. Its music, dance, script, direction and acting make a unique place in everyone’s heart. Find below what makes Indian cinema so unique.

Music: Indian movies have a song for every big thing, and apparently, all events are immense. Indian music doesn’t just have lyrics but a feeling that everyone can connect with. It makes you feel like you are living in that moment. The words and the music used are incredibly soothing for one to hear.

Dance: Bollywood Dance has become a genre now. The infusion of ‘household chores moves’ with the pumped-up music is loved by everybody everywhere, which makes Indian cinema unique.

Diversified Script: Script plays a massive role in making a movie successful. India, known for its diversity, has excellent content. And nowadays, movies are made based on ground-level studies and stories that the commoner connects. Such vast and many topics can only be seen in India, which makes Indian films stand out. 

Direction: It’s the small thing that matters. And it is the director’s job to make small things noticed and look beautiful. Direction is a critical point while making a movie, and Indian directors are now well studied and keep minute details in mind while making a movie. It’s an art, and Indian directors excel in it. From Satyajit Ray to the recent one, Indian movie directions make our movies unique.

Acting: In India, actors are worshipped as gods. Indian actors know the audience’s love, and hence, they act according to their nerves. Indian cinema has always been known for its acting, which is also renowned worldwide. Hollywood is also taking Indian actors to work in their movies because they are so raw and honest. 

Hence, because of the relative isolation of the Indian film industries from the West, since it took almost a century before any broad tendency to imitate other film cultures arose, India occupies a unique place in film culture.

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