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The Kerala Story’s Adah Sharma says, “Every film I do, I think that it will be my last.”

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Adah Sharma, the star of The Kerala Story, has spoken candidly about how she worries about her future in every movie. She is happy to have a nice opportunity.

Adah Sharma, an actress whose most recent film, The Kerala Story, joined the 100 crore club, said she always fears “that it will be my last” when working on a project. In a recent interview, Adah said she is unsure if she would “get another chance.” Adah reflected on the past and revealed that she once questioned whether she required a reincarnation like Shah Rukh Khan in Om Shanti Om to receive such a chance in this life.

The Kerala Story debuted on May 5 and quickly became a domestic box office hit. According to the film’s production company, Sunshine Pictures, the movie made 112.99 crores nine days after its debut in India. On Saturday, the movie made 19.5 crore rupees. The Hindi film, directed by Sudipto Sen and starring Adah, was released on May 12 in 37 nations.

In an interview with the news agency ANI, Adah said, “Every film I do, I think it will be my last because I don’t know if I will get another chance or if someone will show faith in me again. But I think the audience’s dreams for me were always bigger. They would always say that Adah should have been given this or that role…I think all those dreams are now true. I am so lucky. My dreams were always small, like I wanted to play with an elephant or a dog. I wanted to do good roles but never knew how many I would get.”

Source: ANI

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