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The Gorgeous singing Diva ,Shiprra Goyal newly released single ‘Ambran De Taare,’ featuring Shiprra Goyal herself and “King of Reality Shows” Actor Prince Narula.

Shiprra Goyal sings ‘Ambran De Taare,’ establishing herself as a writer and composer. She is one of the few female Indian musicians that writes and composes her music. Her heartfelt lyrics and composition for her recently released song ‘Ambran De Taare,’ swiftly gaining popularity and trending among music enthusiasts, have already received favourable responses and applause.

 ‘Ambran De Taare’ is a breakup song, but that doesn’t mean you have to cry buckets after listening to it or sit at home ruminating on lost love; instead, it could mean hitting the bar, travelling, or finding love all over again. And to go with this new perspective, there is a new music single,’ Ambran De Taare’.

The song will get you dancing to catchy music and help you get over your breakup blues. Doing so in style- with upbeat, inspiring music that is good for your mood and can help you move on without giving a hoot. The song video was shot in Kashmir’s breathtakingly stunning environment and at Chandigarh’s Nightclub.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this song and am delighted to hear that music enthusiasts like the song so much. It was a delight to work with Shipra because she is a star performer. I’ve always admired her voice; with this song, she’s also become a lyricist and composer. She is multi-talented, and I wish her the best of luck. I’d also like to applaud the entire crew; because they’re all so talented at what they do, I never doubted ‘Ambran De Taare’s’ ability to captivate audiences. This song is still playing on a loop in my playlist and my head.”. Prince Narula stated.

“It was an amazing experience shooting this song,” Shiprra explains. Hearing the enthusiastic response energized and motivated me to give my best in future songs. Working with Prince Narula was a delight. He’s a fantastic performer as well as a supportive buddy.

The song is sung, composed and written by SHIPRRA GOYAL and is published on YouTube by Blue Beat Studios Label. In terms of popularity, ‘Ambran De Taare’ has already surpassed 2.5 million views.

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