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The actor’s agency replies to allegations made against Nam Joo Hyuk of sexual harassment and bullying at school by a third party.

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk has been accused of school violence by a third person, who has this time allegedly provided documentation of bullying and sexual harassment. The actor was first accused of bullying students on June 20 by an unnamed source who informed the media, but Nam Joo Hyuk’s management company, Management SOOP, vehemently refuted the claims. The agency filed criminal complaints against the accuser, the reporter who wrote the article, and the CEO of the publication who released the report.

After that, on June 28, a second person accused the actor and his friends of using violence in schools against them. Once more, Management SOOP refuted the claims and referred them as “groundless.” Twenty of Nam Joo Hyuk’s old classmates and teachers came forward earlier this week as part of an exposé by the South Korean media source Dispatch to further refute the allegations of abuse and to support the actor.

On July 6, a news organisation released a report claiming to have evidence from a third accuser. This time, the complainant contended that Nam Joo Hyuk and his buddies had tormented and harassed her sexually while they were in their senior year of high school.

Using text messages from a KakaoTalk group chat from May 10, 2012, the accuser claimed that she had been bullied because one of the actor’s pals didn’t like her and that she had been recruited into the talk without her choice. According to reports, the actor and his friends have been charged with participating in the form of cyberbullying known as “KakaoTalk prison” in South Korea by alternately sending the hateful accuser messages that included sexual harassment and sexual insults, and disparaging remarks about her appearance.

Further, Management SOOP reaffirmed that the second accuser’s accusations were false and threatened legal action. To defend the reputation of their actor, they declared, “Our agency has resolved that we have no choice but to respond firmly to both the first accuser and the second accuser, and we aim to file litigation against them swiftly. Additionally, we want you to know that we intend to take swift legal action against YouTubers and news organisations that publish unverified or unfounded accusations or rumours.

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