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The 100 Santa Project by Sounds of Silence

India’s first technology-based NGO is back with The 100 Santa Project!

The 100 Santas Project was a movement introduced by the Sounds of Silence Foundation, India’s first technology-based NGO founded by Sumit Singh Gandhi, that enables hearing-impaired individuals to overcome communication barriers and provides them with innovative ways to connect with the world.

Christmas is that time of the year that reminds us of the importance of joy and giving and sharing with friends and family.

Intending to give back to society, we started with the simple goal of bringing joy and happiness to street kids for whom this could be their first experience with Santa, an initiative taken up by Sounds of Silence to make Christmas exceptional for society’s underprivileged children. A child’s feelings of warmth and excitement when they receive a Christmas gift are limitless.

‘The idea slowly began to shape into a movement and a purpose that brought hundreds of us together to pull off an event of such magnitude, and gradually developed into a yearly project in which everyone, from a college student to a 73-year-old grandfather, believed in, supported our concept and assisted us… and this year when our volunteers pitched to extend this event to every single location we could reach, truly made me feel the spirit of Sounds of Silence has been preserved tenfold by them’ says Mr Sumit Singh Gandhi, Founder, Sounds of Silence.

For our first year, we began with 256 donations 7 days before the event and increased to 5,000 donations because we believed in what we were doing and were joined by others who shared our beliefs and trusted us with their support in any way that was viable.

Presently, this project has grown over the last 5 years to expand all over India to cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Bareilly, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Patna, Bhopal, Jodhpur, Gwalior, Anantapur, Varanasi, Indore, Saharanpur and Ranchi.

As part of our 100 Santa Project this year, Sounds of Silence has pledged to distribute 10,000 toys and other delights to street children throughout India. People from all walks of life shall join this event to increase our manifold reach.

We all desire to be kind, generous, and a part of someone else’s joy. All we require is a beginning and a belief. You will undoubtedly experience immense happiness if you help bring a smile to these children. All that’s required is your goodwill and dedication to a worthwhile cause.

The 100 Santa Project is open to donations and volunteers. Every donation shall solely benefit the kids.

You can reach out to us on +91 75063 53663 for donations. You can also get in touch with us for further queries through our Instagram page: @sos_soundsofsilence

Join us on 24th of December, Christmas Eve, the day of the project in Mumbai:

📍YMCA: 10:00am

📍Bhayander Municipality School: 12 noon

📍Bandra: 4:00pm

We’re looking forward to having you work alongside us to spread smiles and brighten the world around us this Christmas eve, one joyous child at a time!

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