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That “GROW TOGETHER” kind of love

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I believe that all love stories are unique and beautiful in their way. We, too, had a lovely and extraordinary love story. We both met in college while we were young and naïve. Met as friends, but slowly and gradually, we knew we were falling for each other. We didn’t know much about life or what to do ahead, but little did we know, we were looking forward to spending more time with each other. From friends to best friends was a super smooth journey. After spending a reasonable amount of time, I proposed to him during our final exams. After gathering some audacity, I asked him out, and HE SAID YES. Ahhhh!!! What a beautiful day it was! I still remember every moment of that day.

Our relationship started with all love and laughter. We dated each other for 7 years and never felt doubtful about it. We later became sure about spending rest of our lives with each other and hence decided to get married. It was a special ceremony with all close friends and family on 5th Jan 2013. It’s been a roller coaster ride with loads of happiness, sorrows, and ups and down. We completed 9 years of our marriage; we’ve been together for 16 years. Blessed with 2 kids our world seems to be completed now. Our love story feels more than a fairytale to me, and we can’t wait to grow old together and be more madly in love with each other.

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