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Ten producers reportedly turned down BTS until they got a chance due to Jin

Fantastic Japanese producer Saito Eisuke is mainly responsible for opening the door for BTS’ success in Japan. Over a year after BTS’ debut in 2014, Saito Eisuke believed that the group had the potential to be big in Japan. He made the most remarkable conceivable statement about their entry into the nation. Bang PD, the head of Big Hit Entertainment and a South Korean record executive, invited Saito Eisuke to see BTS. Saito Eisuke remarked that Jin’s visuals initially made him believe in the group while discussing his initial impression of the group.

According to the producer, “an effective visual” is a concept in the Japanese entertainment industry. The producer thought the band would do well in Japan because he could see an “effective visual” in Jin’s face. An “effective visual” is essentially a person with an excellent aesthetic appeal who has the ability to succeed in dramas. Considering BTS’ current popularity in Japan and elsewhere, it should be pretty easy to determine that Saito Eisuke made the right decision nine years ago. BTS’s debut Japanese language album, “Wake Up,” was the first to credit the producer for the group’s music.

Saito Eisuke disclosed that BTS, the biggest boy band in the world right now, had been turned down by ten other producers before coming to him. The ten producers did not like the name of BTS and were apprehensive of the group because it needed the support of one of the three major South Korean entertainment companies. The fact that Saito Eisuke could see a “effective visual” in Jin’s expression led him to believe that the band had a chance of becoming well-known in Japan. As mentioned earlier, he assumed this was frequently the one element that truly assisted groups in their early years of fame.

In 2013, BTS made their official debut on a relatively unknown label. After ten years of continuous dedication, diligence, and hard work, the ensemble has achieved international stardom. The ensemble is currently nothing less than a worldwide phenomenon. BTS is the most popular boy band in the world, with followers from all ages, races, and regions. Their meteoric rise in the entertainment industry was fueled by causes other than just their hard work, such as the fact that Saito Eisuke chose them.

Source: BigHit Entertainment

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