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Sushmita Sen: My daughter Reene Might Not Have Lived.

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She explains how Renee’s life was spared by her maternal instinct

 Even now, Sushmita Sen and her charm are unaffected. When she appears, fans are still smitten by her attractiveness and charm. Her photos or videos are usually a stunning delight for lovers. One of the most beautiful women in the Indian entertainment sector is Sushmita. Millions of people appreciate the former Miss Universe for her intelligence, generosity, and welcoming nature. Thanks to her lovely yet unusual choices, she still serves as a source of inspiration for many. Sushmita revealed how her maternal instinct saved her daughter Renee’s life when she was a baby in a conversation with Twinkle Khanna.

 Sushmita recalled that Renee was a very ill infant who was not suitable for adoption, and Sushmita handled her delicately. She remembered her mother telling her that she shouldn’t go to the doctor every time the baby felt a little under the weather and that she was overreacting. She continued by describing a day when she was on set with Renee, and Sushmita saw that she was gasping. She claimed she immediately drove to the hospital after getting in her car. “My daughter almost died that night, and that was the instinct of a mother,” Sushmita spoke, describing how being proactive helped rescue her child.

 She described Renee’s ailment, bronchial water. Sushmita was unaware of it until Renee glanced at her and began to cry; at that point, she realised something was wrong. “That was it,” Sushmita mentioned, adding that they spent a few weeks in the hospital.

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