Streaming Spotlight 2021

Streaming Spotlight 2021

A Report on Digital India’s Future Entertainment

There has been a discernible drop in the global economic activity since 2019 with restricted trade barriers, deviating economic issues, increasing geopolitical tensions and COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the world. The shift in the world order and differing domestic consumer consumption trends significantly impacted India’s Media and Entertainment (M & M&E) sector. While traditional film-industry, Bollywood along with regional-cinema industry incurred unfathomable losses, while digital media, gaming, and streaming services significantly boosted.

The tectonic shift has created a huge vacuum in the industry between traditional skills and new-age skills. Emergence of young content-creators with significant audience following on social media is adding to the cavity in the filmdom and glamour of celebs.

To diagnose the ecosystem closely and to help demystify the change, is launching an industry report – Streaming Spotlight 2021.

The report dives deep into the implications of COVID-19 on the Bollywood industry and the rise of the OTT market.

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