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Exclusive interview with Sakshi Lodha: A renowned product photographer

Discover things about product photography and her journey.

1. What kind of photography do you do, and What inspires you?

– Hi, I am Sakshi Lodha, and I am a product photographer. I’m inspired to get out and see the world and photograph and share it. It truly fills my heart and spirit. When I’m shooting somewhere and seeing the joy on my clients’ faces, I’m at my happiest. Even though I’ve visited a spot previously, I enjoy exploring it with my camera. I’m always looking forward to new things to photograph and new perspectives on places, and it’s genuinely rejuvenating for me to be out taking pictures. Every time I do it, I feel renewed and energized.

2. What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

– I didn’t know anything about photography when I started. When I entered college, I clearly remember all my friends were so sure about what they wanted to pursue. I just took a camera and started filming, figuring things out as I went (and making many mistakes). Knowing the basics of the exposure triangle, for example, would have been beneficial before I began taking a lot of images. I learned by trial and error, as well as much experimentation. It worked for me, although I’m sure I wasted a lot of time doing things incorrectly before I finally got it right. 

3. Which photographers inspire you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?

– There are just too many photographers and artists to name who have affected me. Every day, I come across photographs that inspire me. I wouldn’t say there is one photographer in particular – or even a small group – but rather a long list of photographers who have and continue to influence me. This list includes pros as well as amateurs and everyone in between. But TBH, the Nusta team of photography has influenced me a lot, and all of them are my personal favourites. 

4. What do you see in the object /element you plan to cover via photos?

– Knowing the client’s requirements in this profession is the most important thing. I first ask them about their schedule and how they want to be placed in the market. Then I try to understand the product and click

5. What technology/software/camera gear do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 80D and a Macro lens of 100mm and a Prime lens of 50 mm, though I also use my iPhone 12 Pro for photo and video capture. I edit my images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and use a MacBook Pro for my editing. As far as capturing pictures in the field and editing them, the above covers it.

6. What are the standard dos and don’ts while planning a photoshoot

– According to me, the essential thing before starting the shoot is planning. I would highly recommend making a script for the shoot. Don’t use projection randomly. Make a list of items required while shooting, time and all the other elements needed. It will make your job a lot simpler, and more importantly, you can use that time to create something better. Keep the camera lenses ready; think of a place. Don’t just abruptly shoot it. Keep the feed and colour background ready. Trust me, when you organize all these things prior. Most of your shoot is already done. 

7. Three new things (names, places) you learned in the past year about the photograph?

– I have the impression that I am constantly learning new things. Whether in the field of post-production, experimentation has taught me a lot. To know, I believe a photographer should explore actively. Taking and editing incredibly long exposures (2 minutes or more) and taking and editing videos are two things I’ve been working on this year. I shoot videos with both my drone and my iPhone, so I’d like to better my editing skills there, but I also do a lot of lesson videos, so I’ve been working on that as well. Everything has been a lot of fun!

8. One message you would like to give to today’s youth looking to apt this career?

– Believe in your passion and do what you love. I always say this to everyone whose job is less complex. But always keep learning and have a passion for exploring and experimenting because the sky is the limit. 

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