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Rock Music- Biggest Selling Rock Music Albums of All Times

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Rock Groups have produced some Great Music Albums As well as some albums which could not do well. From the 1960s to the 2020s, many Rock bands have recorded many great spectacular albums, which later became Landmarks albums in Music History. So here it is as a rock music  Follower, and I am putting some of my all-time fav rock music albums of all time.

1. NIRVANA- Nevermind (1991)

This album not only brought Nirvana worldwide Fame and name but also brought the alternative rock genre into mainstream Music, and Nirvana became the biggest band in the World at that time. Nevermind had got the sound of grunge rock, a genre missing from mainstream rock for some time. Never mind, also other Seattle bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Pearl jam came into Limelight. Nevermind became an instant hit due to the Breakthrough hit single Smells like Teen Spirit. Other hit singles were Inbloom, Lithium, Drain you. The album became the biggest hit of the 90s, selling 30 million copies worldwide.


One of the biggest selling Music albums of all time in the UK and worldwide by any band. This album made Oasis truly the World’s biggest rock n roll band and the most successful  British rock band after the Legends The Beatles. The album had great guitar-driven rock songs, which became Radio hits like Roll with it; some might say, Morning Glory  Combined with Classics like Wonderwall, Don’t look back in anger and Champagne supernova. The album sold huge 22 million copies worldwide, making Oasis the biggest rock band in the World.   What’s the Story Morning Glory(WTSMG) was awarded best album of 30 years at BRIT music awards.


One of the best debut albums by any rock band. Appetite for destruction made Guns n Roses overnight superstars of rock. Having catchy and anthem-filled songs like Welcome to JungleSweet Child of mine and Paradise city. Appetite for destruction also brought back old school rock n Roll, which had vanished in the late 1980s. The album has sold some 28 million copies worldwide.


When The Doors released their debut album, The Doors, nobody expected it to be one of the best rock albums. The album established The doors as one of the best rock bands of 60/the 70s. The album had many hit  songs like 

Light my fire, Break on through to the other side, which later became famous Hits of Rock n Roll. The album also became one of the most influential albums for Psychedelic rock. The album sold four million copies in the US and sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

5. THE BEATLES-.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

 One of the biggest rock n roll bands of all time. The Beatles became a sensation in the UK. Their first hit single was Love me Do, and then Where ever they went, The Beatles were mobbed by their die-hard fans. IN the 1960S, The Beatles released many successful critically acclaimed albums, thus making it one of the Biggest Rock groups of that time. These albums were Help, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Lonely heart Club band, Let it be. Sgt Peppers Lonely heart club was the most psychedelic Album of The Beatles. The album had many songs which have heavy psychedelic guitar effects on Them. These songs were Strawberry fields, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, LUCY IN THE SKY WITH Diamonds. The album is still regarded as one of the best rock albums.


One of the best albums to come out of the 90 rock scene, along with Nirvana Nevermind. Pearl jam TEN was a slow starter, but soon it got due. And Pearl jam became a big band alongside Seattle mate Nirvana. However, the PEARL jam brand of grunge was slightly different From Nirvana grunge, and it included more guitar solos.  

But it became a band trademark with great solos and catchy riffs—tracks like Alive, Jeremy. Even flow and Once became grunge anthems, and TEN became one of the best-selling albums of Pearl jam selling ten million copies.


Coldplay released their debut album in 2000 called Parachutes. The album became a huge success mainly due to a Massive Superhit Single titled Yellow, which the band released on their debut album. Parachutes also had many other hit singles like Shiver, Don’t PANIC.


Foo fighters are one of the biggest rock groups in the World. Foo fighters were formed in 1994 when Band Frontman Dave Grohl formed his own Band FooFighters.

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