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Rock Music-Alice In Chains Guitarist Jerry Cantrell Releases A New Rock Album

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Alice In Chains Guitarist Jerry Cantrell has released a new album titled Brighten. This is Jerry’s Third studio Album after a long hiatus. The Album has collaboration with Guns N Roses bassist Duff Mc Kagan and Legendary Singer Elton John. Jerry Cantrell has surely made Sure Fans of Alice in Chains and Alternative rock get what they want from the album, As rock albums are a rarity these days only a few Big Rock Artists are still rocking in the Mainstream Rock Genre.

Brighten is one of the best Rock albums of 2021. The album two singles Atone and Brighten is already a hit with Alternative rock fans.

Alice in Chains emerged from Seattle along with other Big three Alternative grunge rock bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.AIC was formed in the 1990S by Guitarists  Jerry Cantrell along with Late lead singer Layne Staley who formed the Grunge band in the 1990s. The band released many hit albums in the 90s period. Jerry Cantrel is one of few surviving rock musicians sadly after the untimely death many of the  90s Rockstars like Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott    Weiland lead Singer of Stone Temple Pilots mainly due to drugs abuse or overdose.

Unfortunately in 1994, when Nirvana frontman and Guitarist Kurt Cobain died due to suicide, the grunge movement collapsed. After Cobain’s suicide new era of music emerged in America that was Hip Hop which saw many famous Black Hip Hop artists like Tupac, Snoop Dogg,  Puff daddy emerging from the music scene. On the other hand Post Grunge bands like Foo fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Live ruled the International Rock in the late 90s.

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