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Priyanka Chopra claims she fell at a recent event, but sympathetic photographers put their cameras down: ‘I’ve never seen it in 23 years

At the Love Again premiere in New York, Priyanka Chopra admitted slipping and falling. She also mentioned how the gracious paparazzi declined to take her picture.

According to actress Priyanka Chopra, she stumbled at the recent Love Again movie presentation in New York. According to Priyanka, she fell “all the way to my butt” in a recent interview. The paparazzi decided not to capture her picture and instead set down their cameras, which surprised the actor. She continued her singer husband Nick Jonas “swooped in” to help her.

In an interview with ABC’s The View, Priyanka said, “I haven’t talked about this because I try and look for this thing every day on social media. But, I was wearing high heels in this dress for it to look as tall as it did, and you know, the red carpet is full of press people, everyone is clicking pictures, fans. And I fell on the carpet, on my shoes, and down all the way to my butt.”

She said, “I have never seen this happen in my 23-year career. Everyone put their cameras down and said, ‘Don’t worry about it, Pri, take your time’. I was mortified for a second, but when I saw people do that, they said, ‘You’re always so nice, we got this’, till I stood up. And till now, there is no clip of me falling. How nice! I had help from five people. My husband swooped in.”

Source: ABC’s The View interview

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