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People Wants To See Me Naked, But I Ain’t Going To Do It, Says Urfi Javed

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Urfi Javed is a strong-willed individual who constantly makes news for wearing obscenely exposed clothing. Despite the bad press, she is one of the most well-liked and followed social media personalities. The diva then responds to the demand by saying she won’t comply with their wishes and will instead follow her mood.

When asked about her viral in an interview, she said, “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” reel and the audience is demanding one hotter video from her; Urfi said, “I made one, and I looked quite hot in it; people should have seen it. I know what people want; people want to see me naked, so what do you expect? Should I get naked? This is not how it works with me.”

Urfi Javed keeps getting trolled for her outfits, which are revealing and slightly over the top, but she has a stellar rebuttal for that as well, “everyone is getting trolled; what can you do about it? People didn’t leave Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan; she got trolled; I am nothing in front of them, so let it be.”

Urfi Javed gained notoriety for her time spent on Bigg Boss OTT, and now that KKK 12 season is set to air, we inquired if she would be interested in appearing on the show or supporting a specific contestant.

She added, “I will be supporting Pratik and Nishant; they are my friends. So, I will support them, and that will never happen for me participating in KKK.”

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