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Mahesh Manjrekar Shares The Trailor Of His Next Marathi Film Panghrun

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Actor-director Mahesh Manjrekar has shared the trailer of his upcoming Marathi film Panghrun, starring Gauri Ingawale and Amol Bavdekar in lead roles. The film is set in the pre-independence era, and it is a different love story of a widow, gradually unveiling the journey of her life.

Taking to Twitter, Mahesh Manjrekar shared the film’s trailer expressing that it is not just a movie but a piece of art, which happened once in a decade. He captioned it, “दशकातून एकदाच घडणारी, चित्रपट नव्हे कलाकृती! पाहा सांगीतिक प्रेमकहाणीची पहिली झलक,  पांघरूण- पुन्हा एक विलक्षण प्रेमकहाणी  ४ फेब्रुवारीपासून आपल्या जवळच्या चित्रपटगृहात.”

The trailer opens into a pre-independence era where you can see a young widow-girl(Gauri Ingawale) is dancing ballet in saree; further, you will find her family talking about her remarriage with a pandit(Amol Bavdekar) who is almost the age of her father, and he also has two little daughters from his first marriage.

She gets remarried to this pandit, and from here, the story begins, showing the life journey of this widow girl, her want for love and compassion, her expectations after remarriage and the sacrifices she has to make. The story revolves around this couple and their weird relationship.

Panghrun is a period drama that focuses on the conditions of the young widows in yesteryear and puts light on the widow remarriage system. After Kaksparsh, now Panghrun will be another eye-opener film that touches the sensitive and dark issues of the Indian society, which were followed as traditions.

Panghrun will hit theatres on February 4, 2022.

Image Credit: Instagram \ Mahesh Manjrekar.

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