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Kill trailer Out: Lakshya Lalwani and Raghav Juyal starrer is an action-packed drama

Based on our glimpses, Nikhil Nagesh Bhat’s criminal thriller is precisely what you would anticipate from a desi version of Train to Busan. In his feature film debut, Lakshya appears to be a murder machine that leaves a regular Indian passenger train in chaos. 

At the trailer’s beginning, Lakshya wishes Tanya Maniktala, his wife, at their Mumbai residence on their fourth wedding anniversary. The only “happy,” bright, and still moment in the entire trailer, as we find out, occurs during that scene. A group of hooligans led by Raghav Juyal get into the compartment and attack them as they board a train headed to an unidentified destination. With her hand leaving a trail of blood on the glass door, we witness a group of goons dragging an injured Tanya away from the compartment. 

The remaining goons are then attacked by Lakshya, who eliminates them one by one. Even the tiny restroom and lobby are immersed in action. He uses fire, an oxygen cylinder, and the knives that the attackers left behind. He even inserts a knife in one man’s eyes and sets fire to another man’s head at the end of the trailer. His fellow passengers, including Raghav, who even questions how ruthlessly Lakshya kills people, are as shocked as his attackers when he turns into a killing machine. Although Lakshya appears to have a defence background, we are unsure of the source of these skills. 

Kill, presented by Lionsgate Films and co-produced by Dharma Productions and Guneet Monga’s Sikhya Entertainment, made its Toronto International Film Festival debut last year. International reviewers praised it as a “brutally violent” and “bonkers action flick.” It is the first appearance of Lakshya, who was initially scheduled to make a screen debut in the now-shelved Dharma film Dostana 2. On July 4, Kill, which stars Ashish Vidyarthi and Harsh Chhaya, will be released in theatres. 

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