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Karan Johar Bullied Priyanka Chopra, Actress Kangana Slam Bollywood Mafia Culture

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Actress Kangana Ranaut, renowned for her contempt for Karan Johar and his team, recently addressed Priyanka Chopra’s similar conflict with the Bollywood Mafia in a series of tweets on social media.

According to a prominent news source, Priyanka Chopra relocated to the US because she had “conflict” with individuals in the Indian film industry and desired a new beginning.

Kangana Ranaut took to her social media and wrote, “This is what @priyankachopra has to say about Bollywood, people ganged up on her, bullied her and chased her out of the film industry” a self-made woman was made to leave India. Everyone knows Karan Johar had banned her.”

“Media wrote extensively about her fall out with Karan Johar because of her friendship with SRK and the movie mafia Cruella who is always looking for vulnerable outsiders, saw a perfect punching bag in PC and went all out in harassing her to a point where she had to leave India.”

“This obnoxious, jealous, mean and toxic person should be held accountable for ruining the culture and environment of the film industry, which was never hostile to outsiders in the days of AB or SRK. His gang and mafia PR should be raided and held accountable for harassing outsiders,” concluded Kangana. 

Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar have been feuding for the longest. The queen actress has accused the director of encouraging nepotism in the business and making life difficult for up-and-comers.

While this is happening, Kangana Ranaut is working on many different projects, including Tejas, Emergency, Manikarnika 2, Chandramukhi 2, and Tiku Weds Sheru, which she is also funding.

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