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Kantara: Rishab Shetty responds to the plagiarism case and song’s win

One of the megahits of 2022 is Kantara, a blockbuster movie from Rishab Shetty. The film was in court up to last week due to a plagiarism allegation made by Kerala-based band Thaikkudam Bridge regarding the well-known song Varaha Roopam. Though the Kozhikode District Court recently dismissed the case and lifted the ban, the Varaha Roopam song from the film had already been banned. The actor and director have now responded to the great win.

Rishab Shetty responded to Varaha Roopam’s substantial legal victory. He acknowledged his followers on Twitter with the following tweet, “We have won the Varaharoopam case with the blessings of the Gods and the love of the people. We are going to change the song on the OTT platform very soon, considering people’s request.”

Because of a plagiarism accusation, the Varaha Roopam song for Unversed was replaced with a new version and the OTT version was removed. But since the Kantara team has successfully won the case, the original version will appear once more on the screen. Although there are many reasons why the film has gotten well-known, Varaha Roopam is the reason that has touched viewers the most.

Following a plagiarism complaint by the well-known Malayalam band Thaikkudam Bridge, the Kerala Court imposed an order prohibiting the makers from playing the track “Varaha Roopam.” All of the major streaming platforms have also banned the song. The Kantara movie was alleged of plagiarism on October 25 by the well-known Kerala band Thaikudam Bridge. According to the music band, they claimed that their song, Navarasam, was plagiarized in the movie as Varaha Roopam.

Source: Twitter

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