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 K-pop group BLANK2Y and their agency KEYSTONE Entertainment have parted ways

Just one year after their debut, BLANK2Y, a young K-pop boy group, chose to split from their agency, KEYSTONE Entertainment. BLANK2Y has decided to leave their current agency and begin a new chapter at another agency. KEYSTONE Entertainment has released a formal statement outlining the group’s future plans.

“Hello, This is KEYSTONE Entertainment.
We would like to sincerely thank all the fans who have generously loved and supported BLANK2Y. After discussing carefully, we respect the group members’ opinions and decided to terminate the exclusive contract with the BLANK2Y members. DK, Louis, U, Sungjun, and Sodam has decided to continue group activities as BLANK2Y at another agency. The remaining members, Donghyuk and Siwoo, will focus on their acting activities, and Mikey will continue to rest and take a break due to health issues for the time being. We would like to express our sincere gratitude towards the members of BLANK2Y who were with us as artists, and we will keep supporting BLANK2Y in the future as well. We would once again express our gratitude towards the fans for loving and supporting BLANK2Y, and we ask you all to encourage and support them in the future as well. Thank you.”

Before Youngbin’s removal from the group on February 25, 2023, because of his dispute over an assault, BLANK2Y consisted of nine members. On May 24, 2022, the group debuted their debut mini album with K2Y I: Confidence [Thumbs Up]. On August 24, 2022, the rookie group returned with the release of K2Y II: Confidence [FUEGO], their second mini album. On September 9, 2022, BLANK2Y embarked on their first meeting and live performance tour, FUEGO. Youngbin’s removal, however, forced the cancellation of the US leg of the tour. Since the tour was cancelled, fans have been concerned about the other group members and have had mixed opinions about it. However, DK,  Sungjun, Louis, U and Sodam from BLANK2Y will continue as a group under another agency, and Siwoo and Donghyuk will remain and pursue their acting careers, according to a recent statement from KEYSTONE Entertainment. Due to his health issues, member Mikey is going to rest.

Source: Twitter

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