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I promise to keep learning and doing my best: Hrithik Roshan upon meeting dance influencers on International Dance Day

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Hrithik Roshan, the dancing master of Indian cinema, met eight dance influences in a nearly dream-come-true encounter, and they had an open discussion about dance and emotion. 

On Saturday, April 29, late at night, Hrithik Roshan posted a video on his Facebook page that recapped the chat, characterised by love, admiration, and respect for one another and the art of dance. 

Since his 2000 debut film Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai, which helped start a dance revolution in Indian cinema, Hrithik Roshan has become the country’s dancing sensation. Hrithik Roshan, who is quickly becoming an icon and an inspiration to people of all ages, has played a significant role in boosting the self-assurance of young dancers nationwide for more than 20 years. 

Hrithik Roshan met Nicole Concessao, Sonal Devraj, Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Tarun Namdev, Rohit Jethwani, Chinmay Khedekar, and Mrigakshi Jaiswal, fulfilling the lifelong wishes of eight of his influencers and followers, and they swapped stories about the development of dance in India. 

Hrithik shared the video on his social media, saying, “Kuch mulaqaatein dil ko choo jaati hain! Jaise beeti ek shaam inke saath…. jahaan main tha inka student aur ye the meri inspiration. 

Thank you for having such a meaningful conversation. Sharing your journey, process and tips… I promise to keep learning and doing my best.”

Hrithik Roshan discussed the many facets of his dancing life, imparting advice and taking inspiration from the influences. He revealed his favourite dance hook steps and described the procedures involved in learning choreography. 

Hrithik cited the hook steps from the Koi.. Mil Gaya song and the Bang Bang Title Track as his favourites, while Awez Darbar praised It’s Magic as being unstoppable. 

Hrithik Roshan’s method for mastering any dance routine is to internalise and learn them until you can repeat them in your sleep. 

Influencer Chinmay Khedekar claimed that Hrithik’s undeniable charm in Chand Sitare, his maiden film, inspired him to study the guitar and dance. Mrigakshi Jaiswal praised Hrithik Roshan for ushering in a new era of dancing in Indian cinema right from his first film. Tarun Namdev revealed he learned to dance by watching Hrithik Roshan’s dance tutorials on television as another way of expressing his adoration for the star.

Hrithik Roshan, who has been among the Best Dancer in Indian Cinema over the past two decades, continues to rule the audience and inspire admirers and followers in India and worldwide. A recent example of this was seen with the release of Bang Bang in Japan.

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