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“I Have Full Faith In Legal System”, Says Rakhi Sawant

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Bigg Boss fame In the wake of the passing of her mother, Jaya Bhede, Rakhi Sawant has made her marital conflict public. Adil Khan Durrani, who the actress wed in July last year, was taken into custody on Tuesday.

While interacting with the media about the case, her medical examination, and other evidence, she said, “I don’t need to produce proof for media trial. I will submit all the evidence in court or Infront of police officials. I have full faith in our legal system. Discussing ongoing trial and showing evidence is a crime, and I really don’t want to commit one right now.” 

For the past two days, Rakhi has been stopping by the Oshiwara Police Station. Adil was first apprehended, arrested, and brought the judge before after she filed an FIR against him.

When asked about Adil’s family reaction, Rakhi added, “No one from Adil’s family is trying to talk with me or get in touch with me. The only time Adil’s mother called was yesterday. She was asking me why I am doing all this. And I told her what kind of human Adil is, and they want me to overlook everything and forget about it, which I can’t.” 

When discussing his numerous extramarital affairs and the domestic abuse she endured during their brief marriage, she declared there was no chance of reconciliation and became upset.

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