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“I Am Scared And Emotional Right Now”, Says Rakhi Sawant

Famous Bigg Boss contestant Rakhi Sawant, going through a contentious divorce with her spouse Adil Khan Durrani, met with our team outside of court and conveyed her fear, emotion, and wish that Adil would never be granted bail.

Due to the numerous accusations made against him, the most serious of which being the accusation of rape by a foreign national, Adil is currently in police detention.

Adil Khan Durrani has been accused of rape, adultery, and domestic abuse, among other crimes, and Mysore Police has requested that the suspect be transferred.

Talking to the media outside the court, Rakhi said, “I am so scared and emotional right now; I have never seen such stuff. This is something I’d seen in movies. Now it is happening in real life with me. Plenty of cases are pending against him in Mysore, including a 376 case, which is a rape case.” 

“I have had enough of Adil. I swear to God, no one wants their domestic troubles out in the open, but I’ve had enough. I couldn’t bear any more. With my financial losses, emotional torture, and physical abuse, I don’t want him ever to make bail. My case is very serious,” added Rakhi. 

While Rakhi’s lawyer stated, “Judicial Custody order is out, and Mysore Police has applied for transfer application, but right now Judge is out on lunch break. Once the court convenes again, we will know more.” 

Aside from his legal issues with Rakhi Sawant, Adil is also charged with raping an Iranian woman.

After making numerous accusations against him, Rakhi Sawant requests a divorce. According to recent media reports, Rakhi Sawant experienced a miscarriage while she was married.

Source: News Desk

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