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“I Am Glad I Am Back With Salaam Venky”, Says Revathi

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Actor-turned-director Revathi is making a comeback with Salaam Venky after directing Phir Milenge, starring Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Shilpa Shetty. She claims she is pleased with her comeback and will stick to directing from this point forward.

On the sidelines of the Salaam Venky promotional event, filmmaker Revathi spoke with the press.

When we asked about returning to socially driven Hindi cinema after 18 long years, Revathi said, “I don’t why I return after 18 long years, see what happens, when life takes on you one certain track, you keep on going forward, and somehow you forget to do certain things, and then you realize why didn’t I do the things I’d always wanted to do? And that happened to me, so Salaam Venky is that moment for me. I am so happy that I am back with this movie, I even chopped my hair short, so it is a certainty that I will not do acting but direction” 

The lead actors in Salaam Venky are Kajol and Vishal Jethwa, and the story of a mother and her son, Venky, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is based on an actual incident. Aamir Khan also makes a cameo appearance in the movie.

When asked about working with Aamir Khan, she added, “Aamir Khan asked to read his scenes, so we sent the scenes to him, and he read it, and replied, I am doing it. So, it was just over the phone. After that, we narrated the script to him” 

The movie also stars Aahana Kumra, Rahul Bose, Prakash Raj, Anant Mahadevan, Priyamani, Kamal Sadanah, Ridhi Kumar, and Aneet Padda, is made by Blive Productions and RTake Studios. The movie is slated to premiere in theatres on December 9, 2022.

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