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Honey Kapoor Origins Is Available On Mowglibaba OTT Platform.

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Lord Baden-Powell National Award-winning Indian filmmaker, Amit R Agarwal’s Honey Kapoor Origins, is now available on Mowgli Baba OTT.  The film, which was released worldwide on 10th October, is produced by Popcorn Flicks. It is Asia-Africa’s 1st mental health awareness feature film and the world’s first remote-filmed feature film.

Honey Kapoor Origins also won Agarwal a Karmaveer Chakra Award by iCONGO in partnership with the UN for pioneering the cinema for cause for the Indian sub-continent. His previous work, Covidgo, is the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine film and got a lot of appreciation. It is now a part of Unified Filmmakers’ Media Library in Germany. Agarwal said: “I was motivated to make a film on mental health awareness because the WHO reported that some people might face mental health issues for the rest of their life owing to it to the COVID-19 pandemic.”Honey

Other than Roku channels, Honey Kapoor Origins is distributed non-exclusively on the OTT platform, Mowglibaba. The filmmaker garnered a lot of praise from all quarters.

Here are a few:

The founder of the OTT platform, Amber Sharma, remarked: “Mowglibaba is all out to support stories that bring positive change to the lives of the people.”

Meanwhile, iCONGO founder Jerry Almeida appreciated the filmmaker saying, “Amit is few of the filmmakers that make cinema to bring about a positive change in the society.”

Eitu Chopra, co-founder, Rex Ideas For Action explained: “It’s great to see that young filmmakers like Amit are creating unconventional stories so beautifully and effectively.”

One of the lead actresses, Claudia, gushed that she came immediately on board of Honey Kapoor Origins as soon as she knew that the film addressed the highly neglected issue of Mental Health.

Miital, an actress of Indian origin, said that the remote-filming concept was quite a challenge for her, but she is very happy that Amit thought of such an important film in these testing times.

Takshima felt that it was a brave decision for Indian filmmakers like Amit, who dared to delve into non-commercial films to bring in a positive change to the world’s population. Manpreet, who makes her debut with Honey Kapoor Origins, said she could identify with the movie because she has seen her sister battling mental health issues.

 Honey Kapoor YoLo is the next film in the trilogy.

Image Credit: Instagram \ Amber Sharma – Mowgli Baba.

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