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Gigi Hadid poste d pictures after her arrest and stated, “All’s well that ends well”

After taking a recent flight from the US to the Cayman Islands, Gigi Hadid was detained and accused of having marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The model looked stunning in fresh photos from her Cayman Islands vacation, despite recent news of her detention and subsequent bail. Gigi uploaded many sun-kissed images and videos from her vacation to Instagram on Wednesday.

The model posted photos on Instagram showcasing some of her Cayman Islands getaway looks. She also previewed the meals she and her companions enjoyed while on vacation. In a few of her solo and group photos, Gigi was seen basking in the sun while wearing bright swimwear.

This is Gigi’s first Instagram post after news of her arrest surfaced on Tuesday. She said in her caption, seemingly in response to the buzz surrounding her recent trip, “All’s well that ends well (with sunset emoji).”

Many claimed that Gigi seemed unbothered by her recent sensational drug charges. According to a report, marijuana was discovered in Gigi and one of her friends’ bags as they arrived in the Cayman Islands last week, leading to drug possession charges against them.

Gigi and her friend Leah Nicole McCarthy were brought to a detention centre before being freed on bail, according to the Washington Post, even though the marijuana was legally purchased in New York City and has been legal in the Cayman Islands since 2017 (and since 2017).

Source: Instagram

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