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Don grosses over 50 crores in its first week in India, starring Sivakarthikeyan.

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Don, a Tamil college comedy-drama starring Sivakarthikeyan, had an intense opening week at the Indian box office. The film grossed over Rs. 52 crores in its first seven days, demonstrating great weekday sticking power. Thursday’s receipts were roughly 40% of the first day’s, a fantastic trend for a South Indian film. Don’s first week’s earnings are the best of Siva’s career, surpassing his previous movie, Doctor, which earned Rs. 45 crores in its first seven days. The doctor went on to become Siva’s highest-grossing film, grossing Rs. 82 crores; Don is expected to surpass that with a final gross of Rs. 90 crores in India.

Don’s box office collections in India are as follows:

10 crores on Friday
11.50 crores on Saturday
12.75 crores on Sunday
5.50 crores on Monday
4.50 crores on Tuesday
4 crores on Wednesday
4 crores on Thursday
52.25 crores in total

Tamil Nadu contributed Rs. 43.50 crores of its Rs. 52 crores in India. The weekday collections were incredible, outperforming more notable titles like Beast, Valimai, and even RRR, which all had higher opening weekend collections. In Tamil Nadu, cinema collections have recently declined on weekdays before increasing on weekends. Don has maintained a firm hold on weekdays despite a new release, with over 70% of showings during the second weekend. The film is expected to gross Rs. 55 crores or more in Tamil Nadu by the end of the weekend, with a complete run of Rs. 80 crores or more possible.

The Telugu version of the film also performed well on weekdays, with more significant collections than on an opening day. The film’s first week collections in Telugu states are Rs. 4 crores, with an Rs. 1.50 crores share. The film’s second-weekend collections in Telugu states would probably be higher than the first.

 The following is a breakdown of Don’s Indian box office collections by territory:

Rs. 43.50 crores in Tamil Nadu
Rs. 4 crores in AP/TS
3.50 crores in Karnataka
75 lakhs in Kerala
50 lakhs for the rest of India  52.25 crores in total

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